What We Do

We got you!

We started this business because we wanted to service the sole traders and small businesses owners of the world.  We provide a digital solution that is very affordable and guide those owners in the turbulent seas of social media.


It is very difficult to run a business without social proof.  If you can't be found on google or other search engines, you tend to not be seen, and your credibility is low, so it's important to make sure you can, not only be found, but look good when they find you.  This is where we come in!

We love to chat. To really understand, not just what our clients want (which is sometimes misguided), but also what they need! Now, this doesn't mean we suggest you are active on every platform - quite the opposite actually, because certain platforms are more effective for certain businesses than others.


We can:


  • Provide an initial FREE consult

  • Set you up on social media platform(s)

  • Manage your platform with a strategy so you don't have to think about it

  • Develop a website at an affordable rate

  • Do your writing for you (copywriter services)

  • Provide virtual assistant support (administration work that you need, but don't want to hire a full time admin or secretary to do for you)

Please join us on social media.  We provide hints, tips and information for business social media. 

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